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What are the different types of Prosecco?

The Three Main Types of Prosecco

Prosecco is categorized primarily into three types based on their effervescence levels:

Spumante: The most common and fizziest type of Prosecco is Spumante, which is fully sparkling. Spumante Prosecco is known for its lively bubbles and fruity taste. It often has a long-lasting fine perlage (the behavior and quality of the bubbles). Spumante can range from dry to semi-dry in terms of sweetness, and its production adheres to stricter standards than the other two types. This style of Prosecco, including brands like Bella Principessa Prosecco and Signorina Prosecco, often features at least 3.5 bars of pressure inside the bottle due to its high carbonation​​.

Frizzante: This is a semi-sparkling Prosecco. The carbonic acid content in Frizzante is lower than in Spumante, which means the bubbles dissipate more quickly after opening. As a result, Frizzante Prosecco tends to be less expensive than Spumante and has a somewhat more citrusy and slightly sweeter flavor profile. It is ideal for those who prefer a gentler effervescence in their sparkling wine​​.

Tranquillo: The least common type, Tranquillo, is a flat Prosecco with no bubbles. It has a deeper color than its sparkling counterparts and is less commonly found outside Italy. This style is perfect for those who enjoy the flavor profile of Prosecco but prefer still wine over sparkling varieties​.