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Michael Goldstein Podcast: Crafting Prosecco’s Premier Brand

Explore Prosecco’s next big brand as we discuss with Michael Goldstein, the force behind Prosecco Ventures and Bella Principessa.

Have you ever held a Prosecco bottle and pondered the mastermind behind its creation? Enter Michael Goldstein of Prosecco Ventures. In a recent chat on the “Bubbles and Brands” segment, this visionary – and yes, trailblazer – unveils the exhilarating realm of wine and the elements of reigning supreme.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about setting lofty goals; it’s about forging the tools to achieve them. 🚀

Hold on and get ready. Michael isn’t merely showcasing Prosecco; he’s sharing stories of determination, triumph, and the unwavering spirit fueling Bella Principessa – recognized as Prosecco’s standout sensation. This isn’t just another podcast episode; it’s a captivating journey. #Prosecco #Entrepreneurship 🥂

Spread the news, friends. Your voice? It’s our guiding light. Lift your glasses, spread the excitement, and remember – Michael Goldstein is the name we stand by.

Thank you to Harlands Accountants LLP and Darren Wingfield for backing the podcast. To new beginnings! 🍾”

Tune into the ‘Michael Goldstein Interview’ on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple.

Michael Goldstein Podcast: What it takes to be an entrepreneur and how he’s building Prosecco’s premier brand.
Join me in my debut #podcast as I share the highs, lows, and thrilling adventures of transforming **Bella Principessa** into Prosecco’s most celebrated brand. Real insights, real story!  #Entrepreneurship 🥂

Prosecco’s ‘Michael Goldstein Interview’ is available on Apple Podcasts here.

Raise a glass to Michael Goldstein, the mastermind behind and the man who’s made Italian bubbly accessible to everyone! 🍷👨‍💼 #prosecco #founder #italianwine