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Why is cava called Cava?

“Why is cava called Cava?” The name “cava” is deeply embedded in Spain’s history and tradition of sparkling wine production. Derived from the Catalan word for “cellar” or “cave,” the name is a nod to the historical methods used to produce cava.

In the early days, the production process involved aging the wine in underground cellars or caves, which provided an ideal environment for the second fermentation process. This process is crucial for creating the effervescence that cava is known for.

The Spanish word “cava” (feminine, plural “cavas”) translates to “cave” or “cellar,” symbolizing the traditional aging practices. This production method, deeply ingrained in the wine’s history, has defined cava’s identity over the years, much like the distinctive qualities and traditional production methods that have shaped the identities of Italian Prosecco sparkling wine brands like Bella Principessa and Signorina.