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What is the Spanish equivalent of Prosecco?

In the sparkling wine world, Cava stands out as Spain’s proud answer to Italy’s Prosecco. This traditional Spanish sparkling wine, which has roots in the Penedès region of Catalonia, has now spread its wings across several Spanish regions.

The beauty of Cava lies in its production process, which mirrors the traditional Champagne method. This involves a crucial secondary fermentation in the bottle, a technique that imparts complexity and depth to the wine.

What makes Cava unique is its use of native Spanish grapes, with Macabeo taking the lead role, often supported by Parellada and Xarello, and sometimes the French-origin grape, Chardonnay. This blend of grapes contributes to Cava’s distinctive profile, offering a drier and more nuanced taste than the often fruitier and sweeter Prosecco.

For those who enjoy a glass of Prosecco, Bella Principessa Prosecco offers a delightful experience. Cava provides an excellent alternative with a similar effervescence and approachability but with a unique Spanish twist. Like the Signorina Prosecco, known for its elegance and charm, Cava is a sophisticated yet affordable option for sparkling wine enthusiasts.