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What’s So Special About Prosecco Grapes?

“What’s So Special About Prosecco Grapes?” The answer lies in the unique qualities of the Glera grape variety, the cornerstone of Prosecco wine. Grown predominantly in the fertile northeastern Italian regions of Veneto and Friuli, Glera grapes must constitute at least 85% of a wine for it to be officially recognized as Prosecco.

The remaining composition can comprise other grape varieties, adding further nuances to the wine. The Glera grape is lauded for its fruity and floral characteristics, offering a bouquet of green apple, pear, and occasionally Acacia blossoms.

This is complemented by peach and honeydew melon notes in riper grapes, contributing to Prosecco’s distinctive and refreshing taste profile. The high productivity, late ripening, and high acidity of Glera grapes make them ideally suited for sparkling wine production.

These grapes have a fairly neutral palate, which is a key factor in producing the light-bodied and relatively low-alcohol Prosecco.

This blend of unique qualities in Glera grapes, combined with the Charmat method of production, results in a sparkling wine that is not only enjoyable but also distinct in its class, similar to the delightful experience offered by renowned brands like Bella Principessa Prosecco and Signorina Prosecco.