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What is the German equivalent of Prosecco?

The German equivalent of Prosecco is known as Sekt. Sekt is the general term used in Germany to refer to sparkling wines. The production of Sekt primarily involves the tank method, with fermentation occurring in stainless steel tanks. A significant portion of these wines are made from grape juice or base wines sourced from various European countries, which are then transformed into sparkling wines bottled in Germany.

There are different categories of Sekt, with “Deutscher Sekt” denoting sparkling wines made exclusively from German grapes. The grape varieties commonly used in Deutscher Sekt include Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir. Among these, the most characterful and distinguished Sekt wines are classified as Winzersekt (winegrower’s Sekt), which are made and bottled by small producers using grapes from their estates.

In terms of style, German Sekt wines can be white and rosé, and they typically come in varying sweetness levels, ranging from dry (Trocken) to half-dry (Halbtrocken). These sparkling wines are known for being simple, affordable, and approachable, designed to cater to the substantial demand for sparkling wines in Germany.